High carbon fiber compound material, it features lightweight and has a perfect antiknock compressive ability, its overall beauty of line and smart design make the computer more strong and high grade

Managing Thin Client’s whether it may be 20 or 200 is very simple and not exaggeration to say single hand job because of its simplicity in hardware and software it contains, literally can call as plug n play devices, you can up and running any number of clients in minutes. Further Reliability of Thin Client’s is High, it does’t contain any moving parts resulting longer MTBF, wear & tear is almost negligible.

MAC-Server Product line comprises wide range of Thin Clients, Mini PC’s & Commercial Desktop PC’s equipped with highest commercial grade components offering the features and functionalities required to address the users increasingly varied computing needs.
Thin Clients/Server Based Computing, is one of the best alternative computing solution against conventional computing solution(Desktop PC) brings tons of advantages to organizations across all dimensions and taking part in organizations productivity.
Mini PC’s are affordable powerful and high performance devices offering the features and functionalities required to address the users increasingly varied computing needs. With its Customized technical features, enhanced flexibility, elevated security gives competitive advantage over existing Mini PC's in the global market. It saves more than 70% of desktop space compare to traditional PC’s, so that effectively operates more number of devices in limited space.

MAC-Server Commercial Desktops are smartly designed to satisfy all kinds of users with wide spectrum of performance with Intel processors and more reliability with commercial grade hardware. MAC-Server Desktops are surpassed all existing desktops in the market with its performance, Efficiency and warranty.

Innovation is our DNA - at MAC-Server, a quest for innovation is at the heart of everything we do. MAC-Serverians in R&D Dept. have developed and deployed transformative computing solutions to some of the most complex needs in government, industry, science, and education. MAC-Server’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, India is in compliance with internationally recognized standards and ensures that every product has the attributes of Quality, Identity, and efficacy. The teams of highly trained and qualified staff provide wealth of experience to ensure a high quality standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

We use a flexible and consultative approach to achieve the best possible level of client satisfaction and crucially deliver best results. MAC-Server has an excellent and experienced resource team of Techno- sales Executives, Project designers, developers & Certified Onsite Support Engineers. MAC-Server has end-to-end expertise in managing IT projects from concept to completion of any size. We work closely with customers to establish a comprehensive understanding of their business, its needs and its goals.

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