Mac-MOB Energy's smartphone app provides users feedback on energy consumption of their company's "Smart Products" -- smart meaning items like the company's power Consumption come equipped with Wi-Fi to tell you how much energy is being used -- and lets them turn it off with their phones.

MAC-MOBY INTELLIGENT application keeps track of your energy consumption. Add your meters for gas, electricity, or water to the MACCLOUD database and record the current meter readings from time to time.

Readings can be color- coded and comments may be added to remember special situations which may explain unusual energy usage. 1 Minute reading interval is logged to take a reading whenever it is convenient.

From the Stored data, the application calculates the average normalized rate of consumption per hour, day, week, or month (between two readings) and draws a graph showing the consumption rate over time. The total amount of actually used energy during each day, week, month, or quarter is displayed as a bar graph or table.


Use Export/Import via Google Drive to exchange MACCLOUD database content with other devices. Meter exchange or reset is detected automatically and consumption data is recorded seamlessly across the reset.

Pinch zoom can be used on the trend and bar graph pages. In landscape orientation, comments are displayed in the list view. Meters can be marked to count backwards, which can happen with prepaid meters, showing the amount of remaining prepaid energy instead of used energy.

Virtual meters can be used to display the sum of individual meter and do simple unit conversion, for example from m3 to kWh. Please note that you should read your physical meters which are part of a virtual meter all around the same time for best results.

Meter data can be imported from and exported to CSV files from the context menu of each meter (long-press on the meter entry). Meters can also be edited and deleted via this context menu. In addition to meter readings, sensor data like temperature or wind speed can be recorded. At the moment, this data is shown separately, but may be shown in combination with meter data in future releases.

App Pages

Login Screen

User name and Password for login MAC MOBY

Real time

Realistic LCD display of multifunction meter with all energy parameters


Showing today Import and Export, RealTime GUI indication with last updated date and time

Min Max

User selectable date and feeder list for all energy parameters


Import Export trend for 1 week, 15 days, 1 month, 6 months and 12/60 months with User selectable Feeder List


Real time alerts for all the feeder list and user selectable tag list


Today, yesterday, previous day, this month, previous month and projection for selectable feeder list

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